Saturday, November 25, 2006

Set Being built in the main hall.

A feature film which starts filming in January called Outpost, have started constructing their set. This is to represent an underground bunker....

Savalas get closer to moving in

More technology installed and a large amount of wire and cable.....


..the movie. Black Camel Pictures have moved into Film City and are prepping their new feature titled Outpost. Pictured are Producer Kieran Parker, Director of photography Gavin Struthers and Director Steve Barker.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ethel Worthington & BB McGinty

New residents in Film City are these two chaps, here to produce a feature film. More will follow, I hope......

Govan, Govan, Govan....

"Sunny sunny, Govan Town,

Bright and colorful, all around.
The place where ships were once made,
and a town hall documentary makes the grade"

...I hope. Busy writing today and formatting the programme content! Hope it works...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


..are preparing to move in! Audio Post production company Savalas, have started to move in to their new state of the art facilities in Film City. Still lots of work to do, including unpacking all these boxes!

Miracles of Make-up..

This is Grace Surman as you have never seen her before! This was taken during the making of her recent project in Govan Town Hall

Grace Surman

Grace Surman utilised space in GTH to make one of her projects. These pics show the set she had made and some of the crew setting up for her. The project is a combination of contemporary live art and experimental practice. Check out her website for more info!