Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Main Hall

This is the large hall, where some scenes from Hallam Foe were recently shot. Other Production companies have since used the space for films, TV, ads etc.

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Research at the Library!

On Friday I spent hours in the archive section at the Mitchell Library. I have now read through the Council Minutes from 1912 up to 1975. Most interesting so far is that Boxing and Wrestling tournaments took place in the main hall. As well as the Govan Old Folks Christmas dinner! I will return on Monday to continue my research in the hope of finding more events that took place.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Nihil sine labore"

This is the Govan Coat of Arms , above the Govan Road entrance to the building. It translates as "Nothing without work" and relates to the shipbuilding industry in Govan back in 1897, when the building of the hall commenced.

The Building..

..has many interesting stone carvings and elaborate features, including this one...

...and the two stone carvings are above an elaborate frieze depicting garlanded children, on
Summertown Road...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The research..

I started by talking with the Film City personnel about the history of their company and what they knew of the building. Tiernan, Catherine and Polly all helped giving me tips and ideas. Next I went off to the local Library and researched local history. I have since been a regular in the Archive section of the Mitchell Library. I have collated details from the council minutes from 1912 to around 1940. Still lots more to do.....

So why me?

I approached David MacKenzie and Gillian Berrie who are Sigma Films and asked what they thought of a documentary being made about their new premises. Both thought it was a viable project and I therefore now find myself writing the treatment for and researching the history of the Govan Town Hall documentary.

It is a very exciting thing to work on as although I have some experience of this industry, this is quite a large project for me to run and manage!!

I am however, undaunted and am throwing myself at the challenge

..First steps in this industry..

This is my friend and agent Graeme Miller. He kindly took me on as an extra and I was working on various productions "learning the ropes" so to speak. He now runs a successful casting agency GBM Casting and we both have parts in a new feature film "Play On" which is about an American Rugby team!
Welcome to my blog! This is me telling you the story of how I am researching, writing and producing a documentary about the life and times of Govan Town Hall.